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How do I set my address in honestbee website?


honestbee’s system is based on Singapore, so there is sometimes maybe you could not find your correct address.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and disappointment about our system.

If you have some problems with the address, please kindly follow the following steps to set up your address.


★Web version  ( https://www.honestbee.jp/en/ )

(Please do not use website and application at the same time. It may let the system become not working to available going through an order.)



If the address changed, our system will clear all the items in your cart.

Please kindly login first and set up the address.




 If you have ever ordered from honestbee, it will show the address from your latest order.

You could choose those address to order.

But if the address is incorrect or wrong, please kindly reset your address again.

Please click the “Change address” buttom.




Please kindly input the postal code of your delivery address.

When you input the postal code, please input “-”(hyphen) and please do not input any space.

Our system will search some expected postal codes, please click the correct postal code.




Please input the address to ~chome(~丁目)~banchi(番地)~gou(号).

In the English Address will be show like “1-1-1 Saga, Koto ku”...etc.

Then, please choose the correct expected address.





Click the confirm and please start your shopping.

Choose the Service type which you want to use. (Grocery/ Food)



Please choose the store which you would like to buy.



Please put the items which you want to buy, and if you finished your shopping, please kindly click the cart button at upper right.




Check the items which you put into the cart, if there is no problem of these items, please click the button “CHECK OUT” at lower right.




Here is the check out page.

Please fill the blank of your contact number.

When you input the phone number, please do not input “-”(hyphen).




You can choose the delivery time slot which you want at this page.




Please input your detailed address at the field.

The detailed address include your “building name”, “floor”, “room number”...etc.

After the order placed, the address will be auto-logged with the upper address which you set before you start shopping. The address will be able to select when you use honestbee next time, and the address will be not allowed to edit.

Please kindly check the upper address field and the lower detailed address field is correct or not. If the upper address field is not correct, please return back to step 2 or 3 to set a new address.


The upper address field and the lower address field will be combined and auto-logged by our system, and it need to be a correct, complete address.



If you have any instruction to us, you could write down the detail at the field “Delivery Instructions”.


For example, if there any thing or some important items are out of stock and you would like to cancel the whole order. The door bell was broken, please knock the door……etc.

But we have to inform you, depend to the stores or your address, it maybe could not fulfill your request. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused, and we thank you for your kind understanding of this matter.   



At the more lower place, you could find a place that you could input the coupon codes.

If you have any coupon code, please input to the field and please don’t forget to click the “APPLY” button. If you didn’t click the “APPLY”, the coupon code would not be applied for this order.  




Please confirm the ordered items and the information of your contact number, the delivery time slot, & detailed address is correct or not. If you don’t have any problem, please click the “PLACE ORDER”.

If the order is confirmed by our system, you will see this page.

Please click the “TRACK ORDER” to confrim your order number.





Next time, when you use honestbee, you could choose the same address to place an order, and do not need to reset the address again.


But the address is not able to edit, so if the address is incorrect or you would like to deliver to other address, please kindly add a new address. (Please reference step 2 or 3.)



If you want to delete the wrong address, incorrect address, or not-use address, you could do this at “You” → ”Settings”.




Here is all steps of how to set the address at honestbee website.




①、The address-setting in honestbee system is figured to 2-stages. On the first stage, please input the address to ~chome~banchi~gou, (for example: Saga1-1-3). Please reference step 1~ step 4 for more details. After first stage, our system will search out all stores which could deliver to the address, please choose the store you want to shop and put the items into your cart.
On the second stage, please input the detailed address of building name, floor, room number..etc at the checkout page, (for example, First Fuji Building, 4th, 401). Please reference step 11 for more details.

②、If you set a wrong address on first stage, our system will search the stores which could not deliver to your address. Due to the long distance and out of the delivery service area, we could not guarantee the quality of products, so we may cancel the order.  

③、After you placed an order, the address will be automatically recorded with your account. (The address could not be edited anymore.) When you use our service in next time, you would not need to enter the address when you check out. However, if the address is not the correct address, please try to enter "change you address" and input your zip code and address again.

④、If you would like to deliver to other address, please change and add a new address from step 1.

⑤、Please do not use website and application at the same time. It may let the system become not working to available going through an order.

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